Monday, March 17, 2008

We have put a few things on hold here at Chez Chaput, since we are still waiting for the results of some medical tests Donna took a couple of weeks ago. Once we get those (hopefully today) we can begin planning what has to be done.

I don’t mean to be mysterious but I also don’t want to say anything if it turns out to be something less than the worst. Trust me, I’ll keep you all informed.

The main thing is that we are going to hold off on condo hunting for a while. We are leaving the two bids we have in place, but won’t be actively looking for anything else for the time being. We would be pretty happy with either of the places we’ve found so far, although one would need a bit more work than the other before we could move in.

Because of that we have spent some time at Loew’s checking out appliances, carpeting and flooring, as well as looking at way too many paint samples. Considering my partial color-blindness it seems to me that over a third of the samples look identical, so I’m leaving it up to Donna (with not always helpful input from Kristina) to pick the colors.

On a much lighter note, Donna and I spent part of both Saturday and Sunday playing Bingo. We went to our favorite place on Saturday evening and then made a last minute decision to travel to San Manuel for their Sunday games. Seriously, at 10:30am we had very different plans for our afternoon and at 1:00pm we were handing over the car keys to the valet at the casino. Part of this was due to unreturned phone calls from my stepdaughter who was busy playing in a ‘ladies only’ poker tournament at a different casino. As Donna always says, “Let’s blame The Child!”
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