Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm at work and typing this, so I'm not sure if the Blogger site is still being blocked by our filter, or if the 'work around' I'm trying is what works. I'll probably be using this from now on if it continues to give me access.

Should somebody be dismissed from a political campaign for engaging in 'free speech'? Considering the stunts the Clinton campaign has pulled and continues to pull on an almost daily basis the term 'monster' actually seems pretty mild. I could think of a few more terms, but won't as this is a 'family' blog. :-)

Considering that at one time I had a great deal of respect for Hillary & Bill, I really do feel bad that they have revealed themselves to be exactly what others have said of them. Seemed way too easy for them to pick up the Rove brand of campaigning, didn't it?

Just to keep everybody updated:

We're still condo hunting out here and will probably be checking out two or three places tomorrow with Eric. Sadly, we still haven't heard back from the bank on one of the properties on which we put in a bid. We have seen a couple places nicer, but the earlier place could be fixed up and Donna loves the layout. Bottom line, it is also a few thousand dollars cheaper even including some of the things we'd have to purchase.

On a more pleasant note, we're heading out to Bingo again tonight. I hit for $250 last Saturday night, so I've been picking up some comics and tonight's 'buy-in' from all that. Donna and I have pretty decent luck at this place, although her biggest hit was still back at San Manuel Casino.

Speaking of that place, The Child seems eager to travel up there with us so we may be taking a family outing next Saturday when I'm off. My step-daughter is going through a serious poker playing phase, winning a few online tournaments and doing pretty well at another local casino's tables. Word is she has been mistaken for a certain female Poker all-star by several folks. A couple of the dealers at one casino have even given her the nickname, "The black widow" because of the number of male players she has 'killed off'. Ya gotta love it!!
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