Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just go for it, already!

Let's just go ahead and have the impeachment and get it over with, shall we?  The GOP has been waiting for this moment since January of 2009 and it appears they have enough to get it started.  Will it go anywhere? Probably not, but it will allow them to stir up the base and some independents through November of 2014.  This will let them get that same base motivated to give them control of the Senate and a bigger majority in the House.  Good news for those who want to block and/or undo everything accomplished over the past five years.  I'm sure if they could figure out a way to resurrect Bin Laden, it would make everything perfect.

Personally, I think they might as well impeach Biden and if they are really clever they can take down Hillary.  These Presidential elections never seem to work well for the Republicans, so maybe we should do away with those and allow the new Republican Senate & House choose who gets the Oval Office from now one.  Better to use all that campaign money to get anti-union/anti-women/anti-minority politicians elected in all states so we can keep everyone in the proper place.  Democracy is such a messy process and doesn't seem to always go the way it should.

Be nice if we could replace the White House Christmas tree with a cross we could burn every year, wouldn't it?  See you in re-education camp, comrades!