Saturday, October 06, 2018

Voting this November

I just received my ballot yesterday, since I'm signed up for mail-in ballots.  Donna and I always had a hard time trying to coordinate our schedules so we could go to the polls at the same time. We figured this would make things easier for us.

It's hard, at this point, to remember that I used to vote Republican in some local and state-wide elections. I've always been pretty liberal, but back in Connecticut there was a moderate/liberal wing to the GOP that brought us folks like Lowell Weicker.  Sadly, the party has moved so far to the Right that I don't know if Weicker can recognize it today.  Hell, I think Barry Goldwater would be out of step now and even Reagan would be considered a moderate with little hope of getting elected.

I haven't even opened the ballot, but already know that it's probably going to be close to if not a straight Democratic list for me. Although there are a few incumbents I'm not crazy about I suppose I'll bite the bullet as I did in 2016 and go Blue Wave. I wish I still had faith that the Green Party was more than a joke every four years.  Since we Democratic Socialists remain in the main party that waters down much of what we wish to do.  I've given up hope for a true Progressive party to make any inroads in my lifetime.

In case, anyone wonders things are going pretty well with me. My health is pretty good, but all my doctors agree that it's time I take weight loss seriously.  I know why I gave up caring, but now I have an important reason to start taking better care of myself.  I would like to be around for a few more years.

I know I always make this promise, but it probably is time to start posting here more frequently, not not just sharing videos.  If anybody is still out there, remind me that I still have two blogs.

Peace out!

Geese in Lake Forest, CA