Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well, since I'm posting you can breathe a bit easier. I still have to wait for results from some biopsies done yesterday, but overall I seem to be doing well. Plus my blood tests came back with my cholesterol under control and nothing really bad showing up there. On the negative side they did find an esophageal ulcer and I'm going to have to go on medication for that. I'm going to spare you looking at anything graphic today, so I didn't scan the photos the doctor gave me of my inner parts. Eech!!

Got a call from Donna & Kristina while I was at lunch. They were using OnStar just to bust chops and let me know they were half-way to Vegas already. It was 105 degrees and they were cruising along at 85mph. I'm sure those tickets to the Celene Dion concert tomorrow night will be put to good use. Kristina is looking forward to getting in some pool time at Caesars, while Donna will probably be taking advantage of the A/C in the casino. Hope both my girls have a good time!

As for me I plan on hitting a movie or two on Sunday, and grab sushi for lunch or dinner. I'm working at the library today, so I will just take out tonight after work. I'll see what's on television and probably fall asleep in the recliner with Babie.

Cox Cable has some free Anime Network programming "on Demand" which I may watch in honor of the Anime Convention going on this weekend in Long Beach. I'm hooked on Avril Lavigne's "Make Five Wishes" which is both sweet and disturbing at the same time. Then if I'm awake at 11:00pm I'll try to catch DOCTOR WHO, even though it will be the third episode of "The Unquiet Dead" and I haven't seen the first two.

That bachelor lifestyle is swell, isn't it?

One last thing, while I'm thinking about it. I've just posted my latest book review over at SHOT'S SHACK, in case you're interested. "African Ice" is a thriller by Jeff Buick, which I enjoyed more as I got into it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guess what two procedures I'm going to have done tomorrow?

I'm limited to 'clear' non-solid foods today, so I don't want to hear that crap about "There's always room for Jello!" Trust me, you can only eat so much Jello and you don't want anymore. My big meal tonight will be chicken broth, which I'm actually looking forward to having.

After I get home from work I'll be taking the first of two doses of Fleet's Phosopho-soda. You know how much fun the rest of the night will be.

I'll get back to you Friday afternoon and let you know how I am.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Talking about Dick Cheney is tempting, but you can get that on all the news & political blogs. I'll only say that although the Washington Post series is recommended reading it's about four plus years too late. It is pretty obvious that the VP has been doing this sort of thing from Day One.

The fires in the Lake Tahoe region are getting worse, as they have jumped the firebreak created by the firefighters. Over two thousand residents have been evacuated and reports state that it may be several more days (after the weekend, in fact) before officials believe they can get things under control.

I may be cranky tomorrow, so fair warning. I'll be on a clear food (jello, broth, juices) diet for a day to prepare for the procedures on Friday. I will have "more than you need to know" information on the whole thing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm not going to bother putting a link to the Washington Post's series on Dick Cheney, since everybody already has from News Hole to Slate and half the blogosphere. I do want to recommend it though along with the current article in ROLLING STONE on the Administration's war against science & the idea of climate change.

Parts of California are going up in flames as we speak, but fortunately the damage seems to be limited to "structures" and there have been no deaths. It's strange hearing the various spokespeople referring to 'structures' making it seems like they are talking about outhouses or storage sheds, NOT the homes & businesses of hundreds of families.

For those keeping track, there was a minor trembler felt here last week. Seismo-Watch has the past two weeks with 20+ 'events' each, but nothing above a 3.0. We're keeping an eye on things, since this is below the norm.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I really don't have to add anything to this do I?

This reportedly from the office of Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, via the folks over at The News Hole at

Just as I woke up in a down mood yesterday, I woke up feeling much better today. No thanks to the ***** upstairs who feels it's perfectly fine to start her washing machine at 6:00am.

Since I'm working six days this week you'd think I wouldn't be all that joyful, but El Toro really isn't a bad commute, nor is it that tough a branch. Of course, nothing I've seen here in The OC compares to what I dealt with day after day in Queens & Brooklyn.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today is one of those days, if you know what I mean. Maybe it was finding the arroyo covered in fog when I arose, or news we've received from back in Brooklyn.

On one hand, I have gotten the results of some lab tests, which from what the doctor and Donna tell me are looking good. There was some concern, but we won't know everything until I have several procedures done next Friday. All more than you need or care to know, I'm sure.

It will have been twenty years ago this year that my father passed away. He was sixty years old when he died from cancer. I'm going to be fifty-seven later this year and I can't help but begin thinking of my own mortality.

I promise to try to lighten up in later posts here and over at Shot's Shack.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Operation: Arrowhead Ripper!!

Wow, who wouldn't want to be a part of that sucker?

How does the Pentagon keep coming up with these wonderfully appropriate names? It certainly gives us all confidence that we'll try and keep that messy collateral damage to a minimum.
Things are just going so smoothly over there, but we really can't be sure until we hear the report in September. Oh, right...that's really not a deadline/benchmark anymore is it?
Iraq is just like Korea, right? We'll just stick around for a couple of decades until things settle down.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some mornings I wake up and see my father looking at me in the mirror, but usually it's like seeing my Uncle Charlie. Several years ago, before he passed away himself, my uncle's son (Charles, Jr.) approached me and said how eerie it was to see me, since I looked so much like his dad.

When we were kids, my cousin Chris and I would joke about how we hoped we wouldn't grow up to look like various uncles. Naturally, both of us did!

Btw, that's how I look on my City of Orange ID. Donna's right! I do need new glasses.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I had a very nice Father's Day yesterday. I'm still getting used to getting any recognition for being a step-dad.

The day started with a card from 'Babie' & Donna, then a phone call from Kristina. She was in San Diego celebrating with her father, but will be having a belated sushi dinner with me later this week. As Donna doesn' t really care for sushi, it's nice to have somebody to share my love of the stuff.

Then Donna took me out for breakfast, followed by a movie. We caught SHREK III, which we have wanted to see since it came out a few weeks ago. Later, I threw a couple of steaks on the barbecue and we had a relaxing evening. I'd worked the past six days, so it was nice to unwind.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just a quick update of little or no importance.

I may actually be attending the San Diego Comicon, at least for one day. That would be the final Sunday of the show (7/29/07) , as I've recently purchased a one-day pass online. Donna and I will probably come down the night before, after I get out of work, and stay with Michael (Kristina's father) at his place near Balboa Park.

On another note, we've been playing ABC's National Bingo Night and having a good time, being the Bingo addicts we are. Believe it or not, Donna actually won last night, although we can't figure out from the ABC website what we might have won. Her name will be entered for a random drawing, but we both think there was some kind of gift certificate for all winners. I'll keep you updated when we find out.

Also, Happy Anniversary to Tony Isabella and his wife Barb! THE Tony is one of the nicest and "beloved" guys in the comics business, if you don't already know him.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is a SHELDON Sunday panel from early this year. I just happened to find it and couldn't resist the urge to pass it along.

Once again, let me recommend Dave Kellett's delightful strip, over at

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing will wake you up faster than seeing a fire truck passing your living room window. This is especially true if your complex is overlooking a very, dry arroyo.

Apparently someone reported smoke and going outside on the patio confirmed that you could see & smell it. Fortunately, it was confined to a drainage opening and I’m going to guess someone tossed a cigarette butt in and walked away. Less than a half hour and the firemen had left, but it still makes me nervous.

On a political note, it seems that we just might see an invasion or at least some military action against Iran before the end of the year. I saw a White House spokesperson and someone from the State Dept. talking last night about ‘hard evidence’ showing that Iran was arming the Taliban. Add this to the nuclear weapons/power issue and I don’t think I’d get bad odds in Vegas on something happening before the New Year.

Apparently, word has leaked out about an Executive Order which gives G. W. the power to pretty much declare martial law, or at least consolidate almost total power with the President to ensure “constitutional government.” Looks like we might not have to worry about who is on the ticket of either party next year.

Monday, June 11, 2007

At some point last year, when I was still working in Queens, MY SPACE was just beginning to be really big. I had no clue what it was, so it was suggested that I should create a page just to see what it was all about. For a year, there was nothing there but a single photo of me, with some basic information.

Over the past month or so, I actually got around to posting a few more photos and have created a list of 'Friends', several of whom I actually know. If you already have your own account, look me up and list me. Just don't expect anything fancy. I'll leave that to The Lovely Christina and others.

Looks like if things start going really bad, G.W. can pack up the Mrs. & the twins and head off to Albania. He'd probably be able to run for office.

As of this moment it looks like the Gonzales vote will fail, but it shouldn't come as a surprise. The Republicans in the Senate talk tough, but they are still afraid to completely cut ties with the White House. Things might just turn around at some point between now and Nov. '08. Why take chances being brave when the money for your campaign might dry up?

Nice to see former Sec. Powell coming out with more anti-Iraq comments, even a few years too late to do anybody any good. Time to regain some of that stature, should a Democratic President in '09 begin considering a former Army general for his Cabinet.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Okay, I actually feel bad now! I've seen some of the photos and video of Paris Hilton being taken into custody again and genuinely feel pity for her.

I still think that she deserved the sentence she received, and won't take back some of the comments I've made. However, I try to imagine how I'd feel if Kristina or one of my nieces was going through this and I know that I would not enjoy seeing it.

I sincerely hope that she learns from this and gets some help for what may be a serious medical or psychological problem.

From today's SHELDON, a daily strip I heartily recommend. Check out the website for total awesomeness!

I was almost tempted to do another Paris Hilton rant, re: her being able to phone in her 'court appearance', but as I was driving in I heard that the judge & D.A. are none to happy, so Ms. Hilton may have to leave poolside and attend in person.

Also, while I don't always agree with Al Sharpton he does have a good point about how Hilton would be treated differently if she was something along the lines of "a white, mine worker's daughter or black, Platinum album selling rapper." I had to keep from tossing something at the TV screen hearing some defense lawyer saying how poor Paris was being targeted because she was famous & rich. I was sobbing into my Batman coffee mug!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Man, must be nice to be able to have your prison sentence reduced because your tummy hurts, or whatever 'medical problem' Ms. Hilton is suffering from.

Can we safely assume she'll be spotted, wearing her new ankle bracelet, at any number of trendy places within a week?

I know this is only one of those stupid celebrity things which mean nothing in the long run, but maybe there should be some type of investigation into what brought this about. If Hilton does have some medical condition which prevents her from serving her time, shouldn't the court have been aware of this prior to allowing the money and man-hours to be spent to set up the media corral, etc.?

Also, the fact that the news shows are spending more time on this than on Iraq and other real events does bother me, why?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Damn! How can the American Justice system do this?

I have to wonder if 'Scooter' will be keeping a prison diary like Paris is reportedly doing. If so, whose will be getting the highest bid from Harper & Row?

Maybe I missed it but were Ms. Hilton's fans out holding a candle-light vigil last night? Unfortunately, I had to work so couldn't have driven up to L.A. even had I wanted to join in.

Lots of folks on the radion making jokes at the expense of both these find upstanding citizens this morning and the late-night talkshows have monologue material for a week or more.

Nothing more to add, but I had to jump in for at least a few moments to comment.

I was hoping to have mug shots of both perps, but a quick Google search came up with only the usual stuff. Of course, I stayed away from pics of Paris as they generally appears, going instead for a face shot. Is that 'lazy eye', or just a bad angle?
Also heard this morning that poor Paris has had her record contract cancelled. A show of hands of those who even knew she had one?
On a final note, anybody want to bet that there's a Paris look-alike out there about to make a fortune doing a 'girls in prison' porn video?
On second thought, let's make believe that I didn't even suggest that last one, okay?

Monday, June 04, 2007

You must try this! It might take a second to load but it's worth the wait.

As Dave Kellitt of SHELDON says, of it:

" After looking at a site like this, how can you not love Japan? Something tells me there's a whole second layer of awesomeness to the web, but it's all written in I'll never find the URLs to even see it."

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hard to believe that after years of driving the rural roads in Connecticut, I have to come to California to almost get in an accident caused by a possum.

I was on my way to work this morning, driving the 5 Freeway where it splits into the 405, when I suddenly spot something bolting from the shoulder. I just had time to realize that it was a possum and swing over to the right lane. Stupidly I didn’t glance in my rearview at the time and nearly got in a fender-bender with a car coming up in that lane. The woman driving hit her brake & horn but by that time I could swing back over. Needless to say my heart was racing at that point and I was very observant for the rest of the drive in.

Sadly, a glance in my rear view mirror seemed to indicate that not every driver was willing to give poor Pogo a chance. Given the concrete highway divider at that point even getting safely across five lanes of northbound traffic wouldn’t have ensured the creature safe passage.