Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hard to believe that after years of driving the rural roads in Connecticut, I have to come to California to almost get in an accident caused by a possum.

I was on my way to work this morning, driving the 5 Freeway where it splits into the 405, when I suddenly spot something bolting from the shoulder. I just had time to realize that it was a possum and swing over to the right lane. Stupidly I didn’t glance in my rearview at the time and nearly got in a fender-bender with a car coming up in that lane. The woman driving hit her brake & horn but by that time I could swing back over. Needless to say my heart was racing at that point and I was very observant for the rest of the drive in.

Sadly, a glance in my rear view mirror seemed to indicate that not every driver was willing to give poor Pogo a chance. Given the concrete highway divider at that point even getting safely across five lanes of northbound traffic wouldn’t have ensured the creature safe passage.
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