Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well, since I'm posting you can breathe a bit easier. I still have to wait for results from some biopsies done yesterday, but overall I seem to be doing well. Plus my blood tests came back with my cholesterol under control and nothing really bad showing up there. On the negative side they did find an esophageal ulcer and I'm going to have to go on medication for that. I'm going to spare you looking at anything graphic today, so I didn't scan the photos the doctor gave me of my inner parts. Eech!!

Got a call from Donna & Kristina while I was at lunch. They were using OnStar just to bust chops and let me know they were half-way to Vegas already. It was 105 degrees and they were cruising along at 85mph. I'm sure those tickets to the Celene Dion concert tomorrow night will be put to good use. Kristina is looking forward to getting in some pool time at Caesars, while Donna will probably be taking advantage of the A/C in the casino. Hope both my girls have a good time!

As for me I plan on hitting a movie or two on Sunday, and grab sushi for lunch or dinner. I'm working at the library today, so I will just take out tonight after work. I'll see what's on television and probably fall asleep in the recliner with Babie.

Cox Cable has some free Anime Network programming "on Demand" which I may watch in honor of the Anime Convention going on this weekend in Long Beach. I'm hooked on Avril Lavigne's "Make Five Wishes" which is both sweet and disturbing at the same time. Then if I'm awake at 11:00pm I'll try to catch DOCTOR WHO, even though it will be the third episode of "The Unquiet Dead" and I haven't seen the first two.

That bachelor lifestyle is swell, isn't it?

One last thing, while I'm thinking about it. I've just posted my latest book review over at SHOT'S SHACK, in case you're interested. "African Ice" is a thriller by Jeff Buick, which I enjoyed more as I got into it.
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