Friday, February 26, 2010

Haven't been posting on either of my blogs for a while, but Facebook will spoil you for that sort of thing. It's easier, even with Facebook blocked on my work PC, to post there or put up a video than to take a few minutes to log on to Blogger.

I apologize for that, but do recommend you check out Facebook and Friend me over there. I have almost 200 "friends" at this point and most I have no clue how they found me. most seem to have clicked on the link provided in the 'mutual friends' thing on the side, which is fine by me. That way I can annoy or bore over a hundred folks at a time, rather than the dozen people who read either of my blogs. No offense!! :-)

On another topic...

Wow! There is a reason why at least once a week I thank Donna (and Kristina) for getting us to move out here. The view of the mountains, palm trees, beaches and In & Out Burger, to name a few. Of course, when I get up in the morning and turn on the television to see what my friends & family are getting in the way of weather!! Yeah, buddy!! um..I mean..awww...what a shame!

Finally: Did anyone really expect the Republicans to come out of the meeting yesterday and go.."Holy shit! We've been wrong all this time. We apologize to the American people for being assholes and will help the Democrats pass actually health care that will work." Nobody reading this is that stupid. Sadly, there are people who are. They are listening to Rush, Glenn or Bill-O at the moment, I'm sure.