Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Is it really a New Year already?

Man, are they starting to cut weeks out of the year or is time just rushing by too fast for me?  I'm pretty sure it's the fact that I'm getting older and know that I only have a limited amount of time left.  Not to get all depressing, but let's face facts.  Sixty-two is not really middle-age, is it?
Does this still sound like me?

A brief introduction is probably in order, for those of you who don't feel obligated to visit here simply because you know me.

My name is Steve Chaput and I'm a librarian at a University in New England. For close to fifteen years, prior to coming back to my home state, I had been a public librarian in Brooklyn, NY. Having been born and spent most of my life in New England I just felt it was time to move back, if only to escape the hassle and rudeness which seems to be growing in The City. I'm also a Navy veteran, having joined the service back in 1969, when the U.S. was still deeply mired in Vietnam. If you want to peg me politically, you can think of me as somewhere to the left of almost any politician who still calls himself 'Liberal'.

If I'm doing this Blog thing correctly I would assume to eventually make an A** of myself. Feel free to drop me an e-mail and let me know if I'm living up to that. :-)

The above was the opening of my very, first blog entry written on 1/29/03.  At the end of this month I will have been writing this blog for ten years.  You can see by the index that I was very active for several years, but have cut back to only a few posts a year recently.  As I've said before, just about everything I have to say on any given topic I cover on Facebook & Twitter, plus the occasional videos I put up on YouTube.  I don't plan on completely dropping either blog, since you never know when the other 'social networks' will start charging or do something that even I can't put up with.  It's nice to know that I will have these as fall backs in that case.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, with time for family & friends.  Mine was pretty laid back, since Donna had to work, so we didn't go anywhere worth mentioning.  I expect that may change since we would like to travel back east for a family event in the Spring, plus we have a discount certificate for another Carnival cruise that we need to use before 11/2013.

If you have seen the review on YouTube or Facebook you already know that I went to see THE HOBBIT last week and totally loved it.  I should probably post it over on Shot's Shack later for folks who don't travel to the other sites.

Finally, and another reason that my blog posting probably won't increase anytime soon is that Donna & Kristina joined forces to buy me an iPad for Christmas.  As if I was already addicted to my iPhone, having this larger toy is even more dangerous.  Btw, if you have either of the same devices, check out The Simpson's Tapped Out and friend me.

That does it once again for me so I'll be on my way. Peace out!