Saturday, March 20, 2010

Every so often I remember that I have a blog. It's not even laziness, so much as not really having anything of note to post. Those things that to seem vital I tend to put up on Facebook, since that's where both my friends (as opposed to Friends) and family keep up with me. If I put something there I know that Donna, Kristina or her family back in NY will see it in a short time. If I get abducted by aliens or a drug cartel, I'll try to let you know on Facebook. Let the authorities know, okay?

Speaking of Facebook, if you are annoyed by the stuff on my profile, regarding Snowball fights, mystery eggs, hearts, etc. I apologize. I'm going to try cutting back on some of that. Of course, you are welcome to join my mob in Mafia Wars. :-)

Financial worries continue here in Orange, so nobody really knows (or is willing to tell the staff) how that will effect the libraries. I hear that things in NYC are bad, with both my former employers Brooklyn & Queens Public Library talking lay-offs and shortened hours. I remember surviving the ones back in the early '90s, and sympathize with my fellow librarians back there. Hope Joe, Mady, Barb and the rest of you can get through this!

I have my fingers crossed that a couple of reviews I did for CBG will show up in the next issue. Not a big deal, but I love seeing my name in print. I also got my name mentioned in a YouTube video in connection with a comicbook review. That was a nice surprise!

I"m sure I already mentioned, here or maybe in Shot's Shack that I'm going to be going to San Diego again this year. Already have my room (which I'm sharing with Dan again) and plan on being there for Thursday as well. Maybe I'll actually be able to walk around the con floor without getting hit by a stray lightsaber. More on the con as the time grows near.

Good night and write if you get work! :-)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - Rockapella

Just a bit of fun from Rockapella. Got to see them in concert back in NYC. The best they are at what they do!