Monday, July 11, 2016

Now what should we do?

Been ages since I've done anything here but re-post YouTube videos on some political topic or other.  Figured I would briefly jump in with my own thoughts on a few things.

On a personal note, Donna and I are battling some health issues, but pulling through.  Been almost exactly a year since my first heart attack and my cardiologist tells me I'm doing fine and don't have to see him until early next year.  Donna is working on several issues and we hope to get things under control for some visits we have planned by family and friends from back east.  Also, we do have plans for later in the year for our anniversary.  Damn, can it really be seventeen years already?  

 Anyone reading this knows my political views already, so no surprise that I'm having trouble convincing myself that Hillary Clinton really deserves or needs my vote.  Yeah, everybody keeps reminding me of my voting for Ralph Nader way back when, but I think the Supreme Court decision on Bush v Gore had more to do with that debacle than my decision.  Right now I'm likely to vote for a 'progressive' Third Party candidate for President and Democrat for the down ticket state & local races.  I can flip a coin on whether to vote for Kamala Harris or Loretta Sanchez to replace Senator Barbara Boxer.  Although, I've actually met Rep. Sanchez in person and she was very, nice. That might be enough to swing my vote.

Going to steer clear of any discussion on the mass shootings, police shootings and the tragedy in Dallas.  Needless to say that these are sad situations and it is horrible that the news each night seems to lead off with at least a couple of shootings somewhere in Southern California, let alone around the country.  No matter what your stand on gun ownership and laws I think we can all agree that it appears the whole country is loosing its mind.

Stay safe and stay healthy!  I'll try to post again in a few weeks, or you can see what I'm up to over at Shot's Shack.  I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about San Diego Comic-Con International, as I'll be there once again next week.