Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow! Has it really been twelve years since Donna and I went out on our first date? We were introduced by my co-worker Barbra D., who knew Donna from the softball team for which both their daughters played. We had actually met several weeks before, when Donna came in to use the Library and I helped her find some information. Neither of us knew at the time that it was part of Barbra's plan to hook us up.

Sometimes it seems that it hasn't been that long and other times it seems that it has been much longer. It certainly has been a pretty hectic time for both of us, with a great many high points and also some low. We have moved four times since we were married, five if you count moving down the hall from a one-bedroom apartment in Ladera Ranch to a two-bedroom. We're both hoping that the move to Lake Forest and buying our own place will be the final move. Until she puts me in a nursing home in a few years. :-)