Monday, October 15, 2012

Does it matter at this point?

I think that I should either give this blog up completely, or just post the same thing over every few months.  Basically, everything of note has already been tweeted or posted on Facebook, so there's not a whole heck of a lot to add to that.  Still it is nice to be able to do something over a 140 characters in length, or to just ramble on a few topics all in one place.

Donna and I had a very nice dinner with Kristina & Sarah on Saturday at a nice restaurant.  This was an early birthday celebration for Kristina, so we were able to give her the present I had bought back in San Diego.  Some nice Star Wars figures with a limited-edition Jar Jar Binks figure included as a SDCC exclusive.  Maybe in a few years she can give Jordan Hembrough, from TOY HUNTER a call and he'll make an offer.  (As an aside: if you aren't watching that particular show on the Travel Channel you might want to check it out. Jordan travels around the country, American Pickers-style, hunting down rare games, action figures and collectibles.  While I don't collect much myself I really enjoy the nostalgia I get when he unearths some cool item.  The show will also run clips from classic toy commercials featuring the particular item being featured.)

We have done some shifting and rearranging in the new & improved Chateau Chaput. Gearing up for visitors from New York later this year.  The Stoffo ladies and Dan S. will be gracing us for Thanksgiving week, plus the older stuff we had in the place really needed some upgrading.  Heck we even swapped out a couple of the Thomas Kinkades and added some more photos to the wall.  Donna finally talked me into mounting my Navy plaques in the computer/office/comics room.  With the new ceiling tiles we installed a couple months ago that room is finally beginning to look a bit better.

Do we even have to get into the up-coming election?  I finally decided to vote for Obama again, not that I'm 100% satisfied with his performance, but the idea of the Anti-Christ and the boy zealot sitting in the White House is just too creepy a thought.  Rather another four years of Barry and Laughin' Joe, than letting the Limbaugh led Army of Occupation get their hands on things. 

The number of local and state propositions on the ballot this year is ridiculous, even though a few might actually do something meaningful.  I thought trying to keep Prop. 30 & 32 straight was difficult, but with 37, 38 and a few others to sift though it just makes things harder.  I'm pretty sure I saw an ad for a Prop. 39 the other day, but I'm giving up.  About all you do is read the small print at the end telling you what corporations, 'tax groups', or unions are funding each one in making a choice.  30 & 38 are battling each other over education funding, while Prop 32 (funded by the Koch Bros. & Karl Rove's PAC) claims to be about campaign finance reform. To say it's a joke is an insult to the term.  37 & 39 deal with food labeling and corporate taxes respectively.  I almost forgot #17, which deals with auto insurance.  I really believe in the idea behind the propositions giving voters some say on issues, but the things have become so confusing (trying to remember to Vote Yes or Vote No) and the sheer number each election cycle makes it impossible for the average voter to keep track.  Hope I haven't confused all of you as much as we're confused out here.

I think that will do it for me for this go around.  The next update will probably be over on Shot's Shack some time next week.  I'll be attending the 1st San Diego Comic Fest this weekend and hope to have some cool things to talk about.