Saturday, March 21, 2009

Does it even pay, considering how seldom I post now, to get into the AIG thing? I mean everybody else has been going on for the past week or so and I imagine they'll continue. There's certainly nothing I can add that hasn't already been said by folks far wiser or far dumber (pick whichever group you think I fall into).

On the other hand, if you DO care what I think about it, I'm leaning (at least today) in the direction of allowing AIG to fade from existence. This whole 'too big to fail' bulls*** doesn't work for me anymore. If the company is that large then it should not have been allowed to become so. Since it is it must be broken down in to smaller units and those that are profitable, or at least doing what they are supposed to, be sold off. Otherwise, let's just nationalize the friggin' thing and get it over with. Why assume the debt and not reap the eventual profits, if any?

You're welcome to damn or praise me for that rant, as I'm sure some of you will.

For the half dozen of you I consider friends, you'll be happy to know that things are going well out here. The down part is that Donna hasn't been feeling well the past week and she'll be seeing a doctor to try and get to the bottom of it all. We're actually looking around for a new doctor or two, but that's a whole 'nother issue.

The birds are quickly wearing out their welcome and may find themselves released to see how Babie deals with them. hehe

Just kidding, although it is amazing how frackin noisy two tiny birds can be!!

Oh, I caught WATCHMEN yesterday and will be trying to write a quick review to post over on Shot's Shack later. Bottom line: Four stars and a big, blue penis!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shaun Barker "Pieces" video

Posting this because is 'stars' my friend Christina Stoffo. You get to hear her voice reporting traffic back in New York, so it's nice to see her demonstrating her acting skills.

I'm sure her mom is very happy with this!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VCR Hack!

Want to thank the guys over on the Tony Isabella messageboard for digging up this treasure.

The monster in mine also likes fun-size Snickers!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Donna and I love our DVR, but are having trouble finding the time to watch everything we already recorded. Seems half the time there are things in 'real time' we want to see, or we are both so wiped out that one or the other is dosing off in their recliners. I have a feeling we'll have more than half a season of COLD CASE, NCIS and a few others when summer gets here.

Growing up my mom almost always had a parakeet, but she would only have one at a time. Having Guide & Scout you can't begin to imagine how loud two small birds can be! I feel bad sometimes covering them up at 8:30pm or so, but it is nice to have a bit of peace & quiet!! Of course, Babie is fascinated by them and will sit for hours watching them jumping about.

Looks like we are going to have a hectic few months ahead. Donna's BFF Fran will be coming out for a week or so next month, we're trying to figure out where to go, but I'm sure I'll be dumped at least a few times so the ladies can spend some 'quality time'. Then in May, Donna's sister Marilyn, along with her husband Doug and the twins, Megan & Daniel will be flying out for just about two weeks. Already have gone out and gotten sleeping bags for the kids and some stuff to keep them occupied. I think we'll be boarding Guide & Scout with The Child while they are here.

In case you're wondering, things seem to be steady in our employment situation. Our bargaining unit here at the Library is taking a vote on some issues with the city and we hope that keeps everyone from talking lay-offs or 'unpaid' furloughs.

Have I said recently how happy we are to be living in southern California? Can't tell you the number of times Donna and I have high-fived each other while watching the Weather Channel folks talking about ice & snow back east. Ha, ha!!

That does it for me! Hope not to be so long before my next update.