Thursday, September 06, 2012

Is anyone still out there?

Just came in to sweep out the cobwebs and dust things off. **Cough, cough**  Man, I forget all about this place.  It reminds me of our storage shed when I have to go out once a month or so to get something.  Of course, it's easier to get around here, since it isn't half full of stuff belonging to Kristina and Michael. :-)

The only time I remember these blogs, once one of the only places I was able to rant and review, is when I'm reading someone elses and they are in my list of fellow bloggers.  I admire other folks who blog everyday, or at least frequently enough to still call themselves bloggers.  I'm more a Facebooker or Tweeter now, although I have put myself up on Linked In, where I barely ever venture.  Seems far too respectable for me over there.  Besides I don't think Linked In is really the place to talk about the Anti-Christ & Boy Wonder running for President on the GOP side or why Marvel Now means less to me than the New 52 from DC.

Really isn't a whole heck of a lot to report, since I think everybody reading this probably keeps up with me on one of the other social media sites.  My job hasn't really changed, even with the increase in public service hours.  We're currently getting ready to vote on a new contract with the city, but I don't expect that to change much of anything, except how much we pay for our benefits.  At times like this I do miss being a member of a 'real union' as I was in New York.  Go DC-37!!!

We're still working on our place, even after two years here.  We just replaced the ceiling tiles in the 'computer/comics' room, only to discover we had a wasp nest sitting over head unknown to us.  The pest control folks were nice and came out, discovering a second nest outside under the awnings.  There is a gap in the roof which may need filling-in.  We are also looking to get a ramp for the backdoor, to make it easier for Donna. Having never lived in a place I didn't simply rent before, this homeowner thing continues to surprise me with all the little things that have to be done inside & out.

Kristina is threatening to make us get iPhones now that our Verizon contract it running out and we are able to get new phones.  Donna and I are pretty happy with what we have now and I'm not sure I need a phone smarter than I am.  Not as if I'm not already using my LG for Twitter & Facebook updates way too much.

Coming up the next few months are Comic Fest in San Diego for me, a visit from the Stoffo ladies & Dan (for both of us) and after Thanksgiving another cruise to celebrate our 13th Anniversary.  I'll have more to say on all those things as time grows closer.  Bye for now!!