Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing major of note has happened recently, but I felt it was time to check in. Donna and I are firming up plans for visits later this summer. We'll be having houseguests, namely her sister Marilyn and family for about a week. Not sure all of what we may be doing, although Disneyland and the beach have been discussed. I've never been to the California Adventure part of the park, so we may take that in if only for the Muppets & Toy Story related rides and shows. I know that there is a Great White waiting off the coast for me to put my fat ass in the Pacific, so I'm going to give it another chance. Later this summer, as things now stand, we may be driving to Vegas for a weekend. The Stoffo ladies are scheduled to fly in for an event and it seems a perfect time to visit with them and maybe see what Bingo is like at the casinos there. Wouldn't mind hitting some of the casino slot machines for a bit, either. For those interested, it looks like they may be extending the hours at the Library shortly. I'll miss having the Friday's off each week, but if the city drops the furlough scheme it may mean a few more dollars in my paycheck. Speaking of which, it's hard to believe that I have been working for Orange Public Library for over five years. Actually got a certificate and shook hands with the Mayor & city council a couple of weeks ago, which was kind of cool. That's it for now! take care and stay in touch.