Monday, October 24, 2011

When you hit Sixty you start to think about those things you have wanted to do but have never gotten around to. At least in my case that's true. I've seen hang-gliders and para-sailers for years and always wondered what that might be like. Donna has pictures of her up several hundred feet, from years ago and I'd always envied her being brave enough to do it. Finally, when we were on our latest cruise I decided that this was my chance.

The Carnival Splendor (yeah, the one that caught fire last year!) was in Cabo San Lucas for two days, so I signed up for a two hour shore excursion that would take you out to para-sail. We were picked up at the dock and the ten of us donned our life-jackets for the trip out to the 'launch area'. There were three couples, and a married couple with their son, besides myself. I let the the other four pairs go up before me (the father took photos while the mother & son took flight) and then my turn finally came. Even though I had watched the others go up and down with no problems I was still a bit nervous. At least the others had someone to calm them down if they freaked, in my case I was literally on my own.

You don't realise how slim that line is or how small the knot that attaches you to the boat hundreds of feet below you. At the highest point you are close to six hundred feet above the blue waters and tiny boats. Ten minutes never seemed to last so long or seem so amazing at the same time.

The photos can only begin to show you how it was. It really is something I recommend that you try if you haven't already. As Donna always says, life is too short.

I also have to recommend, for anyone who goes to Cabo, that you check out Cabo Wabo Cantina, Sammy Hager's bar & restaurant in town. Go for the tequila shots, especially the 'doubles' and do it the right way. Woof!