Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm not going to bother putting a link to the Washington Post's series on Dick Cheney, since everybody already has from News Hole to Slate and half the blogosphere. I do want to recommend it though along with the current article in ROLLING STONE on the Administration's war against science & the idea of climate change.

Parts of California are going up in flames as we speak, but fortunately the damage seems to be limited to "structures" and there have been no deaths. It's strange hearing the various spokespeople referring to 'structures' making it seems like they are talking about outhouses or storage sheds, NOT the homes & businesses of hundreds of families.

For those keeping track, there was a minor trembler felt here last week. Seismo-Watch has the past two weeks with 20+ 'events' each, but nothing above a 3.0. We're keeping an eye on things, since this is below the norm.
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