Friday, June 08, 2007

From today's SHELDON, a daily strip I heartily recommend. Check out the website for total awesomeness!

I was almost tempted to do another Paris Hilton rant, re: her being able to phone in her 'court appearance', but as I was driving in I heard that the judge & D.A. are none to happy, so Ms. Hilton may have to leave poolside and attend in person.

Also, while I don't always agree with Al Sharpton he does have a good point about how Hilton would be treated differently if she was something along the lines of "a white, mine worker's daughter or black, Platinum album selling rapper." I had to keep from tossing something at the TV screen hearing some defense lawyer saying how poor Paris was being targeted because she was famous & rich. I was sobbing into my Batman coffee mug!

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