Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Damn! How can the American Justice system do this?

I have to wonder if 'Scooter' will be keeping a prison diary like Paris is reportedly doing. If so, whose will be getting the highest bid from Harper & Row?

Maybe I missed it but were Ms. Hilton's fans out holding a candle-light vigil last night? Unfortunately, I had to work so couldn't have driven up to L.A. even had I wanted to join in.

Lots of folks on the radion making jokes at the expense of both these find upstanding citizens this morning and the late-night talkshows have monologue material for a week or more.

Nothing more to add, but I had to jump in for at least a few moments to comment.

I was hoping to have mug shots of both perps, but a quick Google search came up with only the usual stuff. Of course, I stayed away from pics of Paris as they generally appears, going instead for a face shot. Is that 'lazy eye', or just a bad angle?
Also heard this morning that poor Paris has had her record contract cancelled. A show of hands of those who even knew she had one?
On a final note, anybody want to bet that there's a Paris look-alike out there about to make a fortune doing a 'girls in prison' porn video?
On second thought, let's make believe that I didn't even suggest that last one, okay?
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