Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just a quick update of little or no importance.

I may actually be attending the San Diego Comicon, at least for one day. That would be the final Sunday of the show (7/29/07) , as I've recently purchased a one-day pass online. Donna and I will probably come down the night before, after I get out of work, and stay with Michael (Kristina's father) at his place near Balboa Park.

On another note, we've been playing ABC's National Bingo Night and having a good time, being the Bingo addicts we are. Believe it or not, Donna actually won last night, although we can't figure out from the ABC website what we might have won. Her name will be entered for a random drawing, but we both think there was some kind of gift certificate for all winners. I'll keep you updated when we find out.

Also, Happy Anniversary to Tony Isabella and his wife Barb! THE Tony is one of the nicest and "beloved" guys in the comics business, if you don't already know him.
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