Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nothing of note to add, but just a few general comments about political stuff.

Various news stories and some things I've heard on Air America have me wondering if the recent visits to the Mid-East by Cheney, Rice, McCain, etc. are indications of coming events. The neo-cons only have a few months to start a war with Iran, and I would not be surprised if they use the Israelis as cover. There is a report out of Germany that the Saudis are having meetings to plan what to do in case of nuclear fallout from an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. Face it, the Bush administration would never do anything without permission from the Saudi royal family!

Anybody else more interested in the protests that may occur during the Olympic Games in China than the games themselves? I know I am! Also of interest will be to see how NBC (which will be televising the games) will try to both mention the protests (so they don't look like they are covering for the Chinese) but will downplay any that take place (to keep on the good side of the same Chinese officials monitoring them). Should be more entertaining than track & field!

USA TODAY has an article about the possibility of a 'dream team' ticket of Obama & Clinton. It seems to imply that many Dems would like such a thing. Any of you know a fellow progressive hoping for that? I don't! Personally, I think only the Clinton camp is keeping their fading hopes alive with that idea and they are the ones who floated it to begin with.

At this point, I think the November election is going to be much closer than I would have thought even a couple of months ago. With the Clinton folks leading the charge against Obama and going negative they are basically giving the GOP a playbook to use, in addition to the Karl Rove classics they have on hand already. All the RNC has to do is keep Hillary's worst campaigns ads on a loop and keep having Fox replay them over and over. Sure save some money on doing their own.

As I may have mentioned before, I have my fingers crossed that a Democratic majority will keep President McCain from totally going bonkers in his first term. We can probably say goodbye to Roe v. Wade and any First Amendment rights we have left, but maybe we can keep ourselves out of the camps in Arizona until 2012.
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