Friday, March 28, 2008

The chart and the stuff in italics below are from Pew Research. You can use the link to see the full report.

I find it interesting that even with the Wright controversy, Obama still is seen in a more favorable light than Hillary. This has always been a weakness for Clinton and perhaps something she simply cannot overcome. It appears that the recent statements and what looks like bad memory, if not outright lies, about what happened in Bosnia certainly are not going to help.

I have also been a bit troubled by those Dems who say that they will vote for McCain should their candidate not win the nomination. Granted I still waffle on voting for Clinton should she get the nomination, but I know damn well that I would never vote for John McCain! How could you go from supporting a pro-choice candidate, who hopes to improve the availability of health care to voting for one who is anti-choice and feels he can sit back while the economy is going down the toilet? Spite goes only so far!

Large majorities of white Democratic voters view Obama as honest, inspiring, patriotic, and down-to-earth. Obama's personal image surpasses Clinton's on almost every personal attribute tested in the survey, except patriotism.
In addition, roughly twice as many white Democrats say the word "phony" describes Clinton than say it describes Obama (30% vs. 16%). And the gap is even larger in perceptions of likability; 43% of white Democratic voters say the phrase "hard-to-like" describes Clinton, while just 13% say it describes Obama.

Just interesting and I thought I'd pass it along.
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