Monday, March 10, 2008

Even the mainstream media (MM) are discussing the following issues, so I guess it's safe to make a few comments.

Hillary wants to have it both way it seems, attacking Obama with the 'fear' ad about the 3:00am phone call, but at the same time floating the idea of Barack as her V.P. Everybody, including the Big O have already pointed out that he is ahead in delegate count and number of state primaries won. Why should he even consider the Number Two spot if he may very well be running for the Oval Office seat later this year? Also, if he isn't qualified to answer the phone why IS he qualified to be V.P.? Finally, the whole "I have experience, John McCain has experience and Obama made a speech" thing seems silly if she wants him to join her in the podium in August.

From what I've been seeing the past few days the Clinton campaign might have done a bit of research before putting the "3:00am phone call" ad together. You use footage about eight years old and then have the 'little girl' in the ad pop up all over the news shows talking about how she not only supports your rival but is working in his campaign. Bwahahaha!
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