Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, the rain here wasn’t quite as bad as last time, but it was still enough to make driving a mess. On a positive note the ten plus acres of the arroyo that burned last year is beginning to grow back. Lots of grass and small bushes are beginning to bloom.

Donna and I stayed cocooned most of Saturday, but I did run out to get a haircut, go to the bank and hit Burger King for a late breakfast for the two of us. Dinner came to us from Pick Up Stix, a decent Chinese take-out franchise that delivers. Their stuff is pretty decent and made fresh, unlike Panda Express, their big competitor here, where everything sits in buffet style trays for hours. The one thing you learn pretty quickly out here in SoCal is that most places DO NOT deliver, unlike back in New York. We all drive, don’t you know?

We hit a marathon Bingo session at the Mission Viejo Elks Lodge on Sunday. The forty dollar buy-in gets you the morning & afternoon sessions, plus tickets for the door prize and the Bonus Bingo played later in the day. They have coffee, tea or hot cocoa, juice, muffins, Danishes in the morning, then after lunch (sandwiches, chips & cookies) they add popcorn to the menu of free stuff available for snacking. All this is part of your buy-in, but they also have soda for sale and even a cash bar if you like. This is the second time we’ve done this and already have the April marathon circled on our calendar. Sadly, the Bingo gods weren’t as giving this time out for either of us.

I’ll probably post a bit later on political stuff and my reaction to the Iranian/U.S. Navy incident.
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