Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, one of us at Chez Chaput was pretty happy with the results from New Hampshire last night. Donna really likes Hillary.

Personally, I'm not losing sleep over it as neither of the two front runners are even my third choice at this point. Seems I'm out of step with the majority of my fellow Dems, as my post yesterday pointed out. Speaking of which, ex-wife Elayne was wondering if Mike Gravel was still running. According to his website he still was as of yesterday. In fact, he had even asked for an on-air retraction from Keith Olbermann, who had said Gravel had dropped out along with Dodd & Biden.

The two people most effected by yesterday were probably John Edwards and Mitt Romney. Neither of them have a win under their belts (not counting a few delegates the Mittster got in Wyoming) so it's an uphill battle at this point. I still prefer Edwards more than Obama and Clinton, but again I'm out of step with the majority voters so far. To be honest, the only two Democratic candidates I've liked from early in their campaigns were George McGovern and Jimmy Carter. History will have to be my judge on both of those, probably after it judges Bush II.
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