Monday, January 21, 2008

Are we still keeping track of all this? Do we really have to vote for any of them?

Among the Repugnacons McCain has won two states, The Mittster two, and Huckabee one. Or have I miscounted some caucus or something? Didn't Satan's candidate win some tiny primary somewhere else? Does that give him three?

On the Demoralcratic side we have some nonsense about delegate count versus vote count or something. Who knew there was some kind of Electoral College numbers thing going on before the actual election? The two big whiners continue to debate about which one is more "changier" than the other, or who MLK would like best if he was around.

Yes, I will be voting for Dennis Kucinich in the February primary out here. I have to admit that Mike Gravel does have a few good points, but even I think voting for him wouldn't really amount to much. My hope is that between all the various primaries that Dennis gets enough delegates to make a difference. I've been hearing that about Edwards at this point from several on-air radio hosts. It's possible that between the two of them they can drag the platform away from the center (Vote Clinton '08) and into a more progressive agenda (Vote Anybody But Hillary 'o8).

I'm still considering doing that Third Party thing come next November, but you've heard me say that before. Lets see how this all turns out in the meantime.
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