Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Man, we are down to only two choices apparently and neither was among my Top Three picks. To be honest, John Edwards was barely my fourth choice among the original candidates. With him dropping out I can either skip the whole thing next week or vote for Obama. Actually, if Mike Gravel is still on the ballot in California I may just vote for him to show that I’m not happy with the non-choice.

I have some disagreements with Peter David’s scenario, but overall I think he may be correct. McCain can bring in enough moderates, independents and even some conservative Democrats to make him a strong candidate during a general election. Obama, on the other hand, may bring in some independents and a few liberal Republicans (if there are any to be had), but his votes will have to come from the base of the party.

I’m one of those folks convinced that Hillary Clinton brings way too much baggage that can’t be overcome. There are folks who hate both Clintons and there are some who don’t mind Bill but would never vote for Hillary no matter what the other choice may be. Those folks might be able to live with a President McCain and vote for Democrats on the rest of the ballot. Their hope being a Dem majority in Congress could keep John from pushing the more Rightist positions on the GOP agenda.

It seems that I’m constantly repeating myself here, but will say again that should Senator Clinton be the Democratic nominee, I will be seriously looking for a Third Party candidate that I can support. I don’t think I’ll be the only one, either.
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