Friday, August 03, 2007

I just find it hard to believe that this Administration can still do things to surprise me. Aided by the usual suspects, it seems that the blame for the bridge collapse is being placed at the feet of the Clinton Administration. Haven't we gone down this route too often before? Is there anybody but the remaining 28% who will even believe it for a moment?

Despite the talk about impeachment and other happy thoughts I stand by my conviction that they'll be no change until January of '09 in Iraq or elsewhere.
About four years ago there was a bridge collapse in Connecticut, while we lived there. The local and state media brought out the same studies and professionals to say at that point that things were bad nationally. We're hearing all of it again, as we did after Katrina and the recent steam pipe explosion in NYC.
Where are the billions of dollars we need to do these repairs?
Oh, that's right! We're building permanent bases and an embassy in Iraq. Much more important than our infrastructure, isn't it?
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