Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have decided not to talk about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Senator Larry Craig or Michael Vick except to say that all three dug the holes into which they finally fell. All three have lied about their deeds with only Vick finally coming out (too little and too late) to admit his wrong doings.

Public figures always seem surprised when the public pays attention to what they do. As if once in a position of power, authority or influence we are just supposed to turn a blind eye to what they do privately. Yes, we all deserve some privacy, even those who make their livings in the public eye, but you have to expect to have every little thing thrown back at you when you misbehave.

I try to have sympathy for Britney, Paris and all the rest of the 'celebratards' (TM Stephanie Miller), but when you love the spotlight you better know that it will show the shadows just as well as the bright spots.

Ah, face it! I love seeing these folks getting dumped on. Who am I kidding?
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