Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't even get me started on His Smugness making comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq! The only lesson G.W. & Darth Cheney learned was how NOT to go over and fight.

Also, video has come out (where was it back when?) with Cheney talking in 1994 about why the U.S. didn't go after Sadam back after the First Gulf War. It seems that removing the dictator would have thrown Iraq into turmoil and it would have become a "quagmire" according to the then Secretary of Defense. Hmmm.

I can't believe that some Democrats are siding with some Republicans urging the Iraqi military to oust Malaki. Talking Points Memo has a story on some GOP connected lobbyists working with old CIA buddy Ayad Allawi, the one-time Iraqi interim Prime Minister. Whether you like how Malaki is doing his job or not (and I certainly can't say that I am) I REALLLLLY don't think that pushing for the Iraqi military to make a move is a wise thing. Hasn't the US been down this street before? Do we never learn from the past?
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