Monday, August 27, 2007

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the Obit librarian here at the library. It is always fascinating, if sometimes sad, to browse through the papers during a particular search.

Today I was going back further than I have before, looking into the death of someone in 1916. I found the article, relating to a fatal accident, but was taken by some of the other things going on at that time.

Seems that President Wilson was at his summer home in Long Branch, NJ. He had recently been filmed and his appearance was going to be edited into a movie called, “Civilization” which was going to be offered for his use in his up-coming re-election campaign.

The Boston Red Sox were playing the Brooklyn Robins (later to be known as the Dodgers) in the World Series. Some young pitcher nicknamed “The Babe” was playing for Boston in Game Two of the series. Not sure what became of him. (That's President Wilson tossing out the ball at the first season game, not the WS in case you were wondering.)

The first wartime submarine to make a trans-Atlantic trip, the German U-53, delivered documents to the German Embassy in Newport, R.I on Oct. 7, and was then ordered to leave due to the Neutrality Act. Meanwhile, Wall Street was reacting to rumors of Germany bringing ‘peace proposals’ to the President, with most of the reaction displaying distrust of the story, while others ‘give it credit.’

There was heavy fighting reported in the Balkans on two fronts between Russian and Bulgar-German-Turkish forces, while Italian troops fought with the British, French and Serbian allies.

Finally, the papers reported the collision of two ships off Newport News, VA, but the number of casualties was unknown.

All this from the Orange Daily News, “the only daily covering California’s two-million dollar frostless Valencia Orange District.”
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