Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Donna and I spend the weekends I have free doing things, so I rarely get online except to check my e-mail. Even that sometimes gets put off if we have plans to head off to San Manuel, shopping or the movies. Due to the usual I didn't get a chance to blog and yesterday was busy at work so I'm a few days behind on reading and posting.

It seems hard to believe that it was a year ago yesterday (8/20/06) that Donna and I boarded Jet Blue for a one-way flight to Long Beach, to start a new life in Ladera Ranch.
So much has happened in the past year (good, bad, happy and sad) that I wouldn't know where to begin. Our families and friends have suffered deaths and illnesses, but have also witnessed pregnancies, births, new jobs and weddings. Donna and I both like our current jobs and are beginning to dig ourselves out of the financial hole that months of unemployment created. It's nice to actually have a bit of extra cash to enable us to get out and about.

The next few months will see us back playing bingo, perhaps heading out to Catalina Island for a few days and then in November a cruise on Carnival to celebrate our anniversary.

Nothing major to report, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have sent us e-mail, called us, gone to dinner or have done something to make our new life out here a pleasant experience. We both send our love and hope you'll drop by the new Chez Chaput for dinner sometime.
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