Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well, we're back! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Alaska was. It seemed that everyday we saw something incredible and the photos (well over 300) we took do not do justice to the beauty of the landscape.

Bears, eagles, seals, otters and countless whales! Man, I only wish the digital camera I had could have brought some of that closer. I hope to have some of the shots from College Fjord, Glacier Bay and Mendenhall Glacier up this weekend. We are going through them, since after a while shots of trees and mountains become repetitive, no matter how amazing they were at the time.

We all agree that we'd love to go back one day, not on another cruise but perhaps tour Danali National Park or other areas.

I had originally planned on checking in once or twice, but between eating, drinking, sightseeing and the casino there just wasn't time. :-)

I'll go into more detail in a few days.
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