Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, I thought that Obama should have come out a bit more forceful on Friday night. I also think that saying that McCain was right or that he was in agreement with the elder Senator didn't do much for him either. Of course, reading the results of several polls taken that night and over the weekend appear to show that many folks think that Obama did a better job than I did.

The Anti-Christ (Mitt Romney for the uninitiated) was on the TODAY show this morning talking about how well John McCain did and that we should not underestimate Sarah Palin. If you saw the opening of this past Saturday's SNL, either on the broadcast, on YouTube or the various news shows that have been using it since, you know the scary thing is that Tina Fey really didn't have to do much of an exaggeration to make Palin look foolish. Clips of the actual interview with Couric show the Alaska governor is truly out of her depth when it comes to any foreign or domestic knowledge. The worst that could happen, I believe, is that Biden will make the woman look so bad that she will actually gain sympathy from those predisposed to like her and allow the McCain camp to regain some of the momentum they seem to have lost in the past couple of weeks.

As of a few minutes ago (11:00 PST) the House has not voted on the 'bailout' plan that was hammered out this weekend. It will be very interesting to see if the true Conservative Republican members of the House prevent its passage. Where do we go from there, no matte how you feel about the plan as it now stands? Should be an interesting week all around.
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