Saturday, September 20, 2008

It really does pay to check the links you have on your site every so often. The past week I've found a couple of websites which have stopped updating and one which changed its URL completely. I couldn't figure out why the page would not load from my blog, but would from others. Chalk it up to laziness on my part!

There seems little reason to go off on what has been happening this past week. I'm afraid to see what the statements from my retirement plans will look like when I get the next ones. We're also doing pretty good on keeping our savings down below the $100,000 mark this year, so no problems there. :-)

Interesting that McCain wants his supporters to believe that this is all Obama's fault and that he hasn't done anything with the past eight plus years. He's a maverick! It says so right in his campaign ads and you can't lie in those!!

Hey, and let's not rehash history with that silly Keating Five stuff either! He was a POW when that happened, wasn't he?
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