Monday, April 14, 2008

So who wouldn't be bitter? I grew up in a very, small town (less then 2,000 people when I was a kid lived in Taftville, CT) The entire city of Norwich, where my parents later moved was around 45,000 in the l960s.

Even then we felt abandoned by government, badly treated to the companies which were closing the factories in which most folks worked and found things like fishing, hunting, sports and church major parts of our lives. Maybe Hillary forgets what others in her hometown have not, since she put down her rifle and got her law degree. People in rural areas have every right to feel bitter and forgotten by those who do not share our experience.

Frankly, when I look to see who I think has a better understanding of being a 'have not', it seems to me it's Obama. Hillary just seems desperate to be President and McCain seems to feel it is his right.

I personally don't see this as being a major stumble for Obama, but another example of the Clinton campaign grasping at whatever they can find to keep folks from realizing she is sliding.
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