Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think it's political junkies like us that are the ones fascinated with the '08 elections at this point. Despite the stories on the national evening news and articles in all the papers about the Democratic and Republican candidates, I really don't think the average citizen is paying close attention.

I seem to recall that is used to be 'common knowledge' that the public really didn't start paying attention to the elections until after the World Series. What was meant of course was the Series of that particular year, not the one previous. Hell, the All-Star game is on tonight (Go AL!!) and already you have various talking-heads acting as if the nominations are all but set in stone.

Me? I might vote for Ralph Nader again, just like back 2000. I didn't blame myself (or him) for the eventual Bush victory and I won't blame myself when Fred Thompson wins next year.
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