Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing July 4th yesterday. Personally, it felt more like a Sunday all day and I had to remind myself that I had to set the alarm to get up, since I work late on Mondays.

Donna and I spent the morning not really doing much of anything, except laundry. Later we grabbed lunch at El Polo Loco (one of our favorite 'fast food' places, with great chicken dishes) and I picked up some rice bread at Trader Joe's. We then spend the afternoon shopping for living room furniture, in preparation for our move (possibly later this month) to a two bedroom apartment. We didn't buy anything, but have a better idea now of what we want to get (color, style, etc.).

Finally, last night we watched several fireworks displays from our patio. We were able to see three different places from our location, which was kind of cool, since we were really disappointed in the Pasadena coverage on Channel 9 out here. Almost a third of the screen had the station logo and other stuff in three of the four corners, plus along the bottom. In addition the special logo for "Fourth of July Fireworks" actually had exploding bursts every thirty seconds which overwhelmed the real fireworks they were showing. They also were broadcasting the music and 'narrator' very softly for the first ten minutes or so, which was nearly inaudible.

I haven't had a chance to read or listen to any of the news/political blogs so I'll refrain from commenting. I'm sure that there will be something to tick me off.
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