Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was never a big Don Imus fan, even before I began listening to Howard Stern (when Howard was doing afternoon drive over at WNNNNNBC). I dimly recall hearing Imus doing his Donkey Kong stuff a couple of decades ago, but didn't find him particularly funny.

Imus, like him or not, makes enough money for MSNBC and WFAN to keep him on the air, despite the comments he made last week. As Randi Rhodes said earlier on her show, they aren't going to 'punish' him until next week, since Imus does a fund raiser this week. If the network was going to do anything serious they would have jumped all over it the day after it happened (or that day, since Imus broadcasts in the A.M.).

He'll be back on the air next month, probably meet with the Rutgers' players, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton (who needs more air time himself), and we can move on to REAL hate-mongers like the talking-heads over at Fox.

Get over it, folks!
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