Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nothing major going on, but I figured I should post something so you'll know I'm still around.

Personally, I don't believe that today's primary results will change much of anything. Unless one or the other candidate wins both states I think the whole thing will drag on.

Probably because I'm a Obama supporter, not a strong one by any means, I fail to understand Hillary's appeal. I'm afraid to criticise her as it may make me appear sexist and I'm anything but. However, she seems to me to be running a mostly negative campaign and I would think that would turn more voters off. I expect, should she get the nomination, that my fellow progressives will fall in line behind her. I just cannot see myself joining the herd.

Health issues continue to dominate things here at Chez Chaput. Donna is having difficulty with her diabetes and I'm still waiting to meet next week with the specialist regarding my bladder. Sadly, there is no simple solution for either of us.

The next few months will be busy ones for us, with trips to New York and then our Alaska cruise coming up way too soon. In between I'll be heading to San Diego for the ComiCon in late July, probably a one-day trip to the American Library Association Convention next month and we are trying to decide what to do for the Independence Day weekend.
Regarding various headlines:
I hate to see myself agreeing with anything Laura Bush has to say, but it is indeed a tragedy in Myanmar (or Burma, if you will). I hope the dictatorship there will allow aid to reach their citizens.
It seems it is okay for a major mainstream magazine to have revealing photos of an underage actress, but if an adult male was found to have similar photos of a non-famous female the same age it would be questionably legal. Am I missing something here? Maybe now as a step-parent I see things differently. I really have to wonder about this girl's parents, who were supposedly present at the photo shoot.

Probably more tomorrow on today's election results!
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