Thursday, May 15, 2008

G.W. seemed to use his Knesset speech as an opportunity to take a swipe at Obama.

Does the GOP really want to get into painting Obama as anti-Israeli? A glance at his Senatorial voting record would show that is not the case. On the other hand, the Dems might want to discuss the cozy relationship this administration has with Saudi Arabia, including a very large military sale to them. Hardly done to make Israel safer, IMHO.

John McCain vows to get us out of Iraq by 2013, just in time for his second inaugural I guess.

The John Edwards endorsement of Obama is nice and a sucker-punch to Hillary, for sure.

Also on the plus side, the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on gay-marriage here in the state. Of course, this is another issue the GOP can use to raise funds and get out the 'faithful' this election year.

Another swell day in American politics!
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