Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Man, all this house hunting, or to be more accurate condo-hunting, is exhausting!

To be honest, Donna is really doing most of the work and I'm simply being called in when we actually go to visit these places. She's doing a lot on line which does make things a bit easier. I can't imagine the number of places we'd have to visit if so much information (and photographs) weren't available via the real estate sites.

We had placed an offer on one place we 'sort of' liked, although there would have been a bit of work to make it suitable. The bank even accepted the offer, but we began having second thoughts. I'm glad we did since we found a much nicer place (actually two in the same complex) for less money. We were told by a realtor that other bids had been submitted on the one we liked most, but you never know if they are telling the truth of trying to push you. What we did was to put in a bid higher than they had the place listed for, but equal to what they had listed the week before. Only a few thousand dollars different, but they took our bid over two others. (Again this was according to the realtor.) We have our fingers crossed!

I have to make some comment on the major story today:

I wish Fidel Castro had hung on until next year, just so G.W. left office before he did. Naturally, the unelected Prez had to make comments about 'phony elections' set up by the Castro Brothers. Hard for anybody other than the folks at Fox to take that with a straight face, considering what happened in Florida in 2000.

News Flash: Brit Humes accuses Michelle Obama of being an "arch-Liberal" who is ashamed of patriotism. Yada-yada-yada, film at eleven. (You can find the video over on You Tube or at the TPM website. Only the blonde, Fox News bimbo in the mini-skirt makes it even more absurd.
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