Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I voted before coming into work today. One of my neighbors works at the polls and told me that there were over a hundred people coming in to cast their ballot in the first hour. It slowed down a bit after, but I had to wait a few minutes to get to the Democratic machine.

Donna and I cancelled each other out with our votes for the Democratic nominee, but were in agreement for most of the propositions on the ballot. It will be interesting to read and listen (when I can) to the results coming west as the day progresses. I get out at 9:00pm tonight and will be curious to see how long it will take for California to be called. I don't plan on sitting up all night, either.

An interesting thing out here, which may effect things in the Democratic race.

I was listening to the local NPR station and the show's host was taking calls. At least three people called in, during the 30 minute segment, reporting the same thing. Apparently all the callers had thought they had registered as 'independents' but had in face been signed up as members of the American Independent Party. They didn't know this until they attempted to vote in the Democratic primary (where you don't have to be registered Democrat to vote) and were told they could not.

The host didn't follow through on this but I was left to wonder two things.

First - Didn't these people look at the registration card which you receive in the mail shortly after you register? It states the Party in which you are registered, if you did pick one.

Second - I was wondering if these folks registered on their own, or happened upon one of the tables you'll find in malls & shopping plazas where folks get you to register to vote. Don't want to point fingers or accuse anybody of anything, but could members of the AIP have manned such a table and played around with the registration paperwork? If this turns out to be a major state-wide problem there should be some investigation.

The only 'result' I heard before coming in was that Mike Huckabee was announced as the winner of the West Virginia Republican caucus. Probably not unexpected, but a demonstration that the GOP nomination might not be wrapped up today as some folks predict.
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