Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It looks like the Democratic nomination could go all the way to the convention, in which case the SUPER DELEGATES will really make the difference. Maybe time for Obama to bring out the Kryptonite. :-)

I'm still convinced that Romney is the Anti-Christ so I can't say I'm saddened by his problems. Read somewhere last night, somebody making the joke that Romney only seems to win in states where he or his family own homes. Time to check with ReMax, Mitt!

Interesting that the pundents are all pointing out that Huckabee only seems to be winning in southern or border states. They say it as if it is a weakness. Hell, hasn't the South been the big strength of the Republicans since Nixon? McCain seems to be the only 'national' candidate the GOP is fielding and he is hated almost as Hillary in some circles. (And who of us doesn't love that?)

On the other hand, I believe that John McCain would be the hardest GOP candidate for the Dems to run against, especially if the nominee is Hillary. Between the number of folks who consider her Satan's bride and the attraction conservative Dems & moderate Republicans have for McCain I don't think she could overcome either factor. Who would have thought that folks would find a Black man less scary than a white female wife & mother?

I know I'll catch flack for that last remark.

Update: I forgot to mention that Donna told me last night that she had voted for Obama. She changed her mind after talking to friends back east. Caught me totally off guard! Have I said how much I love this woman?
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