Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick political rant here, so feel free to move along.

If you didn’t hear the “Special Commentary” by Keith Olbermann the other evening regarding the betrayal of the Democratic base by their representatives, you should go over to the Countdown link. Either read the transcript or watch the video.
I’m totally in agreement with Olbermann’s sentiments on how the electorate has been stabbed in the back by the Senate leadership. This is not why we voted to give them a majority!

It appears that only Chris Dodd (my former Senator and a man I’ve had the pleasure of meeting twice) and John Edwards of the Democratic candidates stepped up when it counted. Clinton and Obama appeared to wait until it was safe to cover their butts. Shame on both of them!

If I’m misreading this feel free to set me straight, but I think that Third Party may be the way to go, being a lost cause or not.
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