Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I’ve met some interesting folks in my career as a Librarian. There have certainly been a good share of researchers, authors (real & wannabe), poets (ditto) and other types. This includes fellow staff and the patrons I’ve dealt with for over twenty years. I’ve also encountered musicians, artists, craftsmen & women and people engaged in the most fascinating things.

When working in Forest Hills at the Queens Public Library my co-worker Michelle was planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail. She had gone along parts of it, as well as other trails around the eastern parts of America. She was even doing her part to maintain the place, cleaning up sites and rest stops along the way as she went.

Well, it seems that she’s finally going on this grand adventure and is blogging about it along the way. Whether of not you share her interest you have to admire her for what she’s doing. You’ll also get a kick out of reading what she’s been doing each day. You can read what Michelle (or Bird Legs, if you will) is up to by clicking on her link "Michelle's Trail Journal" over on The Left.
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