Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I know I haven’t been political lately, at least I haven’t posted anything here of a political nature. I’m still ranting at the TV and reading a number of progressive blogs & sites. Naturally, I spend my morning commute listening to KTLK out of Los Angeles, one of the Air America Radio affiliates.

There’s probably not a whole lot I could add to any current political debate that other folks haven’t written about far more intelligently than I could ever hope. I mean I think we should pull out of Iraq (the sooner the better for all concerned); I’m totally confused by the immigration debate, finding good & bad points on all sides; I’m in favor of impeachment, but don’t see it happening, nor anything changing until January of 2009.

As it stands my ‘favorite’ Democratic candidate changes from day to day, if not from one editorial to another. As laughable as the guys over on the GOP side may be, I can’t honestly say I’m excited about any of the dozen or so Dems who appear to be running. As I posted on THE Tony Isabella’s message board, there’s a reason I end up voting for some Third Party candidate almost every election cycle.

Oh, if I haven’t gotten around to it yet within the next few hours or so I’m probably going to link to the Stephanie Miller Show webpage. Stephanie and mooks, Chris and Jim, are the best morning show on the air out here, IMHO. Sure, the show is full of juvenile jokes about farting, private parts and Hooters coming to the Big Beaver, but she’s a chick so it’s okay!!
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