Friday, October 22, 2010

We're finally moving in to our new place tomorrow. Nobody will be happier than Donna, since she has really done most of the work involved. While I've been at work, most days she had off she was either dealing with movers, flooring folks, buying paint, or working on packing up Chez Chaput for its move. I would show up at night to do what I could or to help Donna, Kristina and Michael with the painting.

The place looks good, although empty. We have a few items the previous owners left (an entertainment unit, bureaus and nightstand) which are good enough for now, since our furniture will certainly not fill up the additional two rooms we'll be getting. Eventually we will have to get some furniture for the living room, since our current stuff will be going into the 'family room'. I think folks coming out to stay will be happy to have a 'guestroom' that doesn't double as office/comics den. :-)

After just watching it for about an hour, I must admit that shows look different on the 40" flatscreen HDTV. Even with only the basic cable hooked up it is strange seeing both old and new shows. They look...not sure how to describe it, but different from the way they appear on our older sets. Can't wait to start watching some films and using our new Blu-ray player. Something we had discussed, but not really planned on getting. However, it was included as a package deal with the TV so why not take advantage. I'm sure my MST-3K and RiffTrax DVDs will look even better and who doesn't want watch NotLD on a big screen with Mike & Co. having fun. Sorry now I didn't take advantage of the Blockbuster 'going out of business' sale a few months ago.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll try to let you in on how things went next Monday.
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