Monday, October 18, 2010

Well, it started out as a trip to Living Spaces to choose a new bed for the new place. We're moving the old king-sized one to the guestroom and using the sofa sleeper in the family room. We decided, while we were there to look at some lamps,since we wanted something new for the master bedroom. Somehow we took a wrong turn and ended up next door at Phil's Television.

Seriously, we have been having trouble with our livingroom TV and had originally planned on waiting. The store had a good deal on a 40" flatscreen where they would throw in a Blu-Ray player, so we decided to go for it. Can't wait to view RIVER MONSTERS & MONSTERS INSIDE ME on a bigger screen and in HD. :-)

Bottom line is that I don't think we'll be cruising anytime soon and I'm not sure if my 60th b-day present will be quite as cool as I had hoped. Oh well, we all make sacrifices.

By the way, we'll be finally moving this coming Saturday, so I hope many of you already got the change of address.
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